My therapeutic approach

My private practice is in Thessaloniki and my services include psychotherapy and counseling sessions. I work primarily with adults, as well as adolescents (15 and older) and also with groups – couples and families.

I was born and raised in Thessaloniki and have lived and studied in the United States of America. There, I had the fortune to study the science and art of psychotherapy next to charismatic mentors and significant figures in the field. Thanks to numerous hours of clinical supervision and personal therapy, I discovered that I aspire to adhere to certain values portrayed in my thoughts that follow, about the work of psychotherapy.

The psychotherapy alliance should comprise of genuine concern and unconditional positive regard, in order for the patient to truly benefit. The patient comes to the therapist in need because he experiences psychic pain. Not only is it important for the therapist to be a good scientist but also to have the strength, stability, and fidelity of character so that she handles her role and the patient’s pain with decency, care and respect. In her attempt to empower the patient and to help him obtain an assertive stance in his life, the therapist should ideally possess characteristics such as integrity, transparency, and empathy as well as patience, curiosity, and humor.

My therapeutic approach does not focus on narrow symptom removal but on the patient becoming more able to obtain or re-claim his “voice”, to discover and connect with his vulnerable and disowned parts, and ultimately to accept them. As a psychotherapist, I prefer to think of myself as a good-natured companion walking alongside the patient in his inherent quest for relatedness and meaning in a culture of disconnection, and for courage in a culture of blame and fear.